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An international cultural project: the first worldwide design libraries network for university, companies, designers and media.

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i Giovedì del Design n.205


Guests: Lorenzo Mason, Marco Campardo

ingresso gratuito per gli associati · free entrance for members

DesignLibrary is pleased to welcome you for a special evening with TANKBOYS at 21.15 in Via Savona 11. Included in the Bookcity's itinerario, this event will be open to all citizens would like to joing us! MODERATOR :Cosimo Bizzarri , COLORS Executive editor TANKBOYS Tankboys is a Venice-based independent design studio founded in 2005 by Lorenzo Mason and Marco Campardo, both graduated in Design at the Arts and Design Faculty of IUAV, Venice University. Tankboys’ core activities consist of art direction, research, print, identity and editorial projects. Alongside with that, they give lectures, hold workshops and run a publishing house called Automatic Books. All projects are treated with a deep focus on contents together with a conceptual approach that generate a specific language, expressed by a significant use of typography. Tankboys’ practice is based on a craft-like methodology and multiple-skills philosophy, where multidisciplinary and complex projects are tackled, taking advantages from an increasing network of external collaborations with curators, editors, artists, writers, photographers and architect. Clients include 22 publishing, A plus A gallery, Beyond Entropy Foundation, Circuito Off, DAP Studio, Foscarini, Fondazione di Venezia, Fuori Biennale, Jarach Gallery, Je T’Aime Festival, Kaleidoscope, Lorenzo Vitturi, Max Design, My Art Guides, Moleskine, Morphine Records, Municipality of Venice, Nisi Masa, Pig Magazine, Pallucco, Super Sunglasses, Riso Museum, Rotaliana, Skira, SUN68, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Unione dei Comuni del Camposanpierese, Via Piranesi, Voltumna Curated Exhibitions “Manifesto”, Otrascosas de Villarrosas (Barcellona, Spain), “Manifesto”, Shandong university of design (Jinan, China), “Manifesto”, XYZ Gallery (Treviso, Italy) Group exhibitions include “Panorama”, Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme (Chaumont, France). “The New Italian Design” (San Francisco, USA). “La mano del Grafico”, FAI (Milano, Italy). “Graphic Design Words”, curated by Giorgio Camuffo, Triennale Design Museum (Milano, Italy). “Quali cose siamo“, curated by Alessandro Mendini and Silvana Annicchiarico, Triennale Design Museum (Milan, Italy). “One Year of Photocopies”, DOCVA, (Milan, Italy). “Obsolescenza”, with Temp Studio (Pordenone, Italy). “Segni Divesi”, curated by Giorgio Camuffo (Venice, Italy). “Made in IUAV”, Venice Architecture Biennale (Venice, Italy). “Give Peace Another Chance” (Venice, Italy). Teaching, workshops and lectures includes Ailati 2.0, Lecture with Francesco Librizzi and Salottobuono (Milan), Radical architecture Workshop with Salottobuono, Iuav University (Venice), From boring to interesting, Workshop, Fondazione Claudio Buziol (Venice), Young Italian graphic design, Jury (Milano), Artists’ Book Workshop, Iuav University, (Venice), Tankboys VS Temp, Workshop, Iuav University (Venice), Object’s biographies, Fondazione Claudio Buziol (Venice), X Y Z, Workshop, Iuav University (Venice), Workshop at San Marino Design University (San Marino), B-Shirt Sucks, Workshop, Iuav University (Venice) Features include: Apartamento Magazine (Spain, Italy), Graphic (South Korea), Abitare (Italy), Novum Magazine (Germany), Pig (Italy), I love type serie (I love Helvetica, I love Gill Sans, I love Avant Garde, Hong Kong) Kult (Italy)